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How is it Possible to Read Much Faster and Understand Better?

by Ed Strachar copyright © 2008, all rights reserved

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The only way you are going to read faster and understand your reading better is to learn to first tap into this incredible brain power you are gifted with and then second, to build a sharper focus. Once you focus better, your comprehension improves, your recall and memory improves and your appreciation and enjoyment of the reading process are more likely to improve. And the reality is you were probably never taught to focus in school, at work or in college.

In the Reading Genius course, you will learn that skill better, I believe, better than anywhere else on the planet. It is all about learning to focus. Focusing to a whole new level, where you become "one" with the book, where nothing else matters, and where you build such an intense level of anticipation that you can't wait to get to the next page.

Well, getting back to reading and how we learn, one of the biggest reasons why we learned to read incredibly slowly in the first place is that as a child in school, we learned to read by sounding out the words. When you pronounce the words you have to read with your tongue. And you know our tongue can only pronounce about 200 to 400 words a minute. According to the 'latest' research, our memory is not stored in our tongue.

You were taught to read with your tongue because you were taught to read by being taught to speak. Want to enjoy what you read? Think for a moment, what were the best books you've ever read in your life? The ones you enjoyed the most?

I'm going to bet they were the best books for you because your imagination was totally engrossed in the book. Thus your brain was working at a much higher capacity when you were using your imagination.

Now, where's your imagination, in your tongue or your brain? If you want to comprehend what you're reading, do you comprehend with your tongue? Of course not. The brain has no limits and it literally grows with use.

In fact we found out that our brain is more powerful than a hundred super computers. In fact, it has been said that it would take the Empire State Building in New York City to house them and the Hudson River to cool it. And so, the way I like to analogize those super computers is that they're kind of like little people and each of these super computers has got a mind of its own. You know we've heard many times that our brain uses 5% of its capability. Well, if you're only using a small percentage of your brain's capability that means you have 95 super computers that are doing nothing. They are unemployed.

Well, what are those other 95 super computers doing when unemployed? The same thing you or I would probably do if we were unemployed. We'd talk to each other and watch movies. And so those super computers are talking to themselves and daydreaming. Now ask yourself something. Have you ever noticed that you daydream while you read? You ever notice that you talk to yourself while you read, that you bounce about on other things in your life?

Think about it this way. If you were to drive a few hundred miles in a car or on a bicycle, would it be exciting for you to go only 5 miles an hour? Now if you were to have a super fast car and it was legal and you were able to take a Porsche or a Ferrari or whatever your favorite car might be, would it be more exciting? You see the only way you can get excited is to go faster and get more of your super computers employed.

The whole thing is just like the solution out there to unemployment. The solution inside our head is that we have to speed up the economy. If you've got to drive a few hundred miles at 5 miles per hour, it will take days to get there and you probably wouldn't finish and you'd be bored stiff in the process. Well, most people when they read get bored stiff in the process. They don't finish and they wander off and daydream. There's nothing wrong with them. It only means you have to learn what comes naturally to you...and it may just be for the very first time.

In summary, the whole key about reading fast is not just about reading fast. It's about turning on our brain power, learning to focus it and clearing away the distractions. Once you do that, you will read much faster, enjoy it better and recall vividly. Those skills are exactly what you learn in the Reading Genius® course.

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