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Teaching: The Stress of Classroom Teachers

by Ed Strachar copyright © 2008, all rights reserved

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teachingTeaching is a VERY stressful experience. Whether you're teaching in a state school in an inner city or teaching at a private school in the suburbs, the stress of standing in front of a group of (often confrontational) children or adults while teaching needs a special kind of person to manage it.

The stress of teaching is really two-fold:

  • The physical stress of standing and teaching with expectant faces watching your every move is stressful enough. (Make sure you know your stuff!!)
  • The added stress comes from society's reaction to teaching and teachers place in the social hierarchy.

Teaching is recognized as being of vital importance in almost all countries in the world, yet the rewards for teaching are generally poor. This adds to the angst of daily teaching that many teachers feel. teaching is not attracting the numbers of graduates it used to. teaching as a course of study is being shunned more and more partly because of the lack of reward (and the perceived lack of status that goes with it) but mainly because of the stress.

Remember that:

  • Teaching in today's youth culture IS dangerous
  • Teaching IS hard work
  • Teaching IS time consuming and
  • Teaching IS undervalued BUT
  • Teaching IS ALSO one of the most rewarding careers in the world
  • Teaching IS ALSO stimulating and challenging

Think you're up to it? Of course you are. Once you've taken the decision that teaching IS for you, learning to manage the stress of the teaching job is important. The first time you stand in front of a hostile audience IS nerve wracking. Learning to manage your reaction to the teaching role needs some practice.

Fortunately there are packages that can help you to excel in self-management as well as classroom management. remember that more than most occupations CLASSROOM teaching IS PERFORMING. The Performers Edge by Ed Strachar is ideally situated to help you in your teaching career. Designed for all walks of life, The Performers Edge guides you in easy to manage steps to controlling yourself and your work better. Applied to teaching it is a vastly impressive tool.

Focusing your actions and activities can also be a problem for new, inexperienced teachers. Magical Concentration is a very well researched and delivered package that can help you to come to terms with the mental demands of teaching. Reading Genius will show you revloutionary new teaching methods for reading. The Performer's edge will show you how to perform well under stress. Into the Genius Zone...includes several great learning experts...Dr. Steven Halpern on musinc and learning and Dr. Jeannette Vos, co-author of the Learning Revolution. The other teachers, your students and school administrators will be amazed at your new learned skills. Parent meetings should go easier as well.

Although it IS one of the most rewarding occupations, in teaching you need any edge you can get.

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