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LSAT Tips & Strategies for Passing

by Ed Strachar copyright © 2008, all rights reserved

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lsatLSAT tests and exams are inevitably going to be stressful. But, you can make LSATs easier on yourself by following a few simple strategies to aid your LSAT scores. Save yourself stress, time & money on LSAT preparation.

* How can some people steam through LSAT exams and tests and other students fall at every LSAT hurdle?

* Why do some LSAT students seem to study so hard and struggle while others study little and pass LSAT exams with better grades easily?

There are a number of reasons, and it is not always natural ability or intelligence. Here are some LSAT preparation & test-taking tips to help you on your LSAT exam. Read on.

LSAT exam / test taking tips:

* First LSAT Test-taking Tip: Know your subject. There is no substitution for knowledge.

* Second LSAT Test-taking Tip: Sleep well the night before—Nothing replaces this. A rested mind almost always performs better. LSAT Exams can be real tiring.

* Third LSAT Test-taking Tip: When receiving the exam, read all the questions first. This can apply to any type of test, including LSAT Exams. Your mind will automatically categorize the hard and easy ones. Answer the easy ones first, letting your mind automatically work on the hard ones in the background.

* Fourth LSAT Test-taking Tip: Before the LSAT exam, Visualize or Mentally rehearse doing the LSAT exam extremely well. Regardless of whether you are in an LSAT or another exam, always prepare mentally.

* Fifth LSAT Test-taking Tip: Get the right Brain Waves going—Yes, No kidding. Research on Brain waves shows that when you go into the right state, otherwise know as the “alpha state”, your brain unlocks its memory banks and can retrieve and access your knowledge easily. If you are nervous or fear failing then your memory banks becomes constrained. Learn how to access the Alpha State.

* Sixth LSAT Test-taking Tip: Relax and rid yourself of the fear—Handle the worst outcome mentally—Can you handle failure? Of course you can! RELAX! Too serious = Too much pressure. Try smiling when taking the LSAT Exams. It works!

* Seventh LSAT Test-taking Tip: When preparing for the LSAT use mind mapping: Mind mapping is an excellent tool for taking notes and recalling information. Learn it. LSAT requires knowing voluminous amounts of knowledge.

* Eighth LSAT Test-taking Tip: Silence is Golden. Talking about the test creates pressure and gets the ego involved. Focus on the answers/info you need to know in order to pass. Talk less & do better, especially on high-pressure exams like LSAT.

* Ninth LSAT Test-taking Tip: Concentrate sharply—Putting all your focus on the exam, and nothing but the exam, will help you tremendously. If you are thinking about other things or your emotions are stirring, well, your ability to concentrate will be affected adversely. In LSAT Exams, you are usually in a room with hundreds of others. Focus is key.

* Tenth LSAT Test-taking Exam Tip: Get into the Mind Of your LSAT Teacher—Who is giving this LSAT exam and what do they want to see? On LSAT Exams you can research previous exams. In other tests, you have to know what they want. Put yourself in their position, what would you ask?

Through it all you need to practice passing. On LSAT Exams, you can buy books with previous exams. This is priceless. Use them to practice. There are patterns. Learn them.

Well now you're ready to take your LSAT exams. We wish you well, and hope these LSAT strategies and tips mean you have a bright future.

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