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CPA Exam Preparation & Strategy: The Mental Approach

by Ed Strachar copyright © 2008, all rights reserved

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cpaCPA exams are extremely stressful. Mental Strategies to prepare for passing your CPA exams can be very helpful. Few CPA students know what they are and fewer CPA courses teach them. Pay attention & save money, time and stress over your CPA exams.

Q1) Why is it that a few CPA students sail through their CPA exams and tests and other CPA students struggle?

Q2) Why do many CPA students seem to study hard and struggle while others study little and pass easily with better grades?

Natural ability or intelligence is not always the key. Read the following exam and test taking tips and pass your CPA exams easily!

Knowing your subject is, of course, key to the whole process. There is no substitution for that. However how you perform on CPA exam day also depends on many other things. Read on.

CPA Exam/test taking strategies tips:

CPA Exam Tip 1: Sleep well the night before your CPA exam—Nothing replaces this. A rested mind generally performs better. CPA Exams can be very tiring.

CPA Exam Tip 2: When receiving the exam, Read all the questions first—This applies to all tests Including CPA Exams. Your mind automatically categorizes the hard and easy ones. Answer the easy ones first. While doing this, your mind naturally works on the hard ones in the background.

CPA Exam Tip 3: Before the exam, Visualize—Mentally rehearse doing the CPA exam extremely well. Regardless of how well you think you do CPA exams—prepare mentally.

CPA Exam Tip 4: Get the right Brain Waves going—Yes, No kidding. Research on Brain waves shows that when you are in the right state, known as the "alpha state", your brain unlocks its memory banks and retrieves and accesses your knowledge easily. If you are stressed, nervous or fear failing then your memory banks become blocked. Learn how to access the Alpha State to pass the CPA.

CPA Exam Tip 5: When preparing, use mind mapping—This is an excellent tool to use for taking your CPA notes and recalling information. Learn it. CPA Exams need you to know huge amounts of information.

CPA Exam Tip 6: Relax and overcome fear of failing your CPA exam—RELAX! Too serious = Too much pressure. Try smiling when taking the CPA Exams. It works!

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