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How the EYE Q speed reading course compares to Reading Genius® 2.0 and Reading Genius® for Kids

by Ed Strachar copyright © 2008, all rights reserved

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The EYE-Q speed reading program is one that’s advertised a lot. They have big money behind them. It supposedly is a system imported from Japan with revolutionary results! Ha!

They took it to a mall and showed how people improved their speed in 7 minutes. Now notice the EYE Q speed reading course ads never say anything about comprehension!? Makes you wonder. Well stop wondering. Comprehension in that exercise decreases significantly. That’s why they don’t tell you about it.

You see, with the Eye-Q speed reading course and many of these so called “speed reading” programs, what they really do is speed up your eyes. That’s right, they give you high speed exercises using a computer, the software is designed to speed up your eyes, and they say, “look, in just a few minutes your speed increases”!. What they don’t say--but is true--is, “Look, in just a few more minutes, your speed goes back down”.

Sad but true.

Or even worse, what if they said, “look, as your speed increases, your comprehension goes way down!!” Yes, that’s very typically what happens with speed reading programs, as many can attest to!

Any program, including the EYE Q speed reading course, can speed up your eyes in just a few minutes by having them follow a bouncing ball, chasing a rabbit icon back and forth across a screen or whatever. That’s not serious reading training, yet that’s what these programs do and they call it a speed reading course!

Do they teach you how to improve your focus??

Wouldn’t you think that’s really the key to understanding what you read? Ed Strachar, creator of Reading Genius® 2.0 and Reading Genius® for Kids says:

“The biggest problem people have when they read is that they are thinking of 5-10 other things while they read!”

Thus speeding up your eyes with a computer program like Eye-Q does isn’t going to provide any lasting benefit.

Then you ask: “Where is the memory, comprehension and skills training?

Does the EYE Q speed reading course teach you how to turn on your brain power?


Reading Genius® 2.0 and Reading Genius® for Kids are more complete, more effective and much more fun to use and learn with than the EYE Q speed reading course. See for yourself!

Ed Strachar, creator of Reading Genius® has trained some of the fastest readers in the world,with comprehension, focus, brain power increase, and overall memory improvement as well.

Just what could you learn from such a system and how could you benefit?

With the Reading Genius® 2.0 System, you get all this and much more. This is a system so complete it has been taught at places such as the US Air Force Academy, and by the US Navy--places where learning is serious business.

If it’s good enough for them, certainly it’s something worth checking out, isn’t it? Click here to find out more.

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