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Speed Reading and Other Videos by Ed Strachar

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A Serious, Fun and Thorough Speed Reading System that can Give you a Distinct Advantage!

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  • Do you have too much information and not enough time?
  • Do you find your mind wandering and daydreaming while you read?
  • Do your eyes get tired while reading?
  • Could you benefit from learning faster?
  • Would you like to Jump start your career, Accelerate your learning, Earn more money?
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Find Out Why Reading Geniusģ 2.0 is Superior to Speed Reading

• Learn why it has been proven much more effective.

• See how you can take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in education technology to learn faster than you ever thought possible.

• Discover what all those speed reading courses donít want you to know.

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Tested At the US Air Force Academy!

Find Out what happened when a very skeptical yet intrigued Air Force Academy Colonel tested students after using the Reading Genius Method.   Learn More

Reading Genius has also been taught at:

  • The US Naval Postgraduate School
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Xerox
  • National Semiconductor
  • and other leading edge corporations

Find you how you now can take advantage of this same exclusive learning breakthrough for your self!   Learn More

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speed reading testimonial

Reading Effectiveness improved over 800%

"My speed and comprehension was amazing. My 14 yr old son and my mother both did it and also loved their results. I would recommend this to anyone!"
Kathy H. Marketing Executive, Mother

reading improvement testimonial

Reading Effectiveness improved over 1100%

"I found it to be a real paradigm shift. To both read faster and comprehend more. I didnít think it was possible. It feels really good to speed read this way. It feels more natural."
Shane Carlisle,
 Medical Doctor.

speed increase testimonial

Reading Effectiveness improved over 450%

"Not only did my reading improve immensely but my self-confidence in exams, interviews, auditions also increased greatly. Itís something I think everyone should do."
Tara O.   University Student

increase reading speed and comprehension

Reading Effectiveness improved over 225%

"Growing up I had big problems reading. Reading Genius gave the skills and confidence to vastly improve and remember what I read."
Pastor Willie Harper, Former NFL Player

Master the art of speed reading with a fun, natural process, scientifically designed to maximize your reading speed. In todays day and age, many speed reading courses have been thrown together from elements long known, with more time and energy spent on marketing than on course development. With these courses, you might train hard to develop mega speed reading ablity, or become a "rocket reader", only to find that your reading comprehension has actually declined! Ed has taught all over the world for 2 decades, making sure that his students genuinely benefit from his software and his thoughtful approach to actual reading dynamics. More than just a speed reading course, Reading Genius 2.0 is a complete reading and comprehension package.

increase reading speed and comprehension
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